Home Genealogy History People Places Kilian Documents Gravestones Welcome to my Kilian/Killian/Killion family Web Pages.  The Kilian genealogy runs from the earliest known Kilian ancestor, Sebastian born before 1560, to the American immigrant Andreas Kilian, born 1702, and his three German born children.  The Kilian Places page shows a map of the area where Andreas and his family were born. The Kilian document pages show only documents in the direct line from the marriage of Georg Kilian in 1611 in Limbach, Germany to the three children of Andreas Kilian, born in Germany, who immigrated to America. The book: 'The Forefathers of North Carolina Pioneer Andreas Killian' Documentation of the Origin of the Kilians - 1560 to 1800                      by William Randolph McCreight contains copies of all church book records found in handwritten German, transcripts and translations into English. It also contains passenger lists, oaths of allegiance and land grant records. The book can be obtained from the Andreas Killian Descendants Historical Association (AKDHA) and all proceeds go to their charitable activities and scholarship fund. www.Andreaskillian.com