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These are only the most important Kilian documents. The book “The Forefathers of North Carolina Pioneer Andreas Killian” by William Randolph McCreight is available from the Andreas Killian Desendants Historical Association (AKDHA):  http://www.AndreasKillian.com It contains 78 German documents, with transcription in German and translation into English. It also contains Pensylvania and North Carolina documents. Click on a record for captions and to enlarge, click again to reduce Georg Kilian married Anna Weldmann 1611 Georg Kilian baptised n 1616 Andreas Kilian baptised 1652 Georg Kilian burial 1665 Andreas Kilian married Dorothea Knaus 1694 Andreas Kilian married Magdalena/Margaretha Fischer 1722 Leonhard Kilian baptism 1724 Anna Margaretha Kilian baptised 1726 Johann Kilian baptised 1729 Andreas Kilian burial 1736 Andreas Kilian married Anna Busch 1677 Anna Busch burial 1693 Dorothea Knaus burial 1727 German church documents