Home Genealogy History People McCreight Places First house in Winnsboro, SC, built by Col. William McCreight in 1774,  probably later McCreight barn from a McCreight land grant, now at Fairfaild County  museum. First McCreight house in Camden, S.C. built  in 1874. Second McCreight house in Camden S.C. built 1900 by Edaward Oscar McCreight Documents Gravestones Winnsboro South Carolina Camden South Carolina Col William McCreight ordered clock parts from England and installed it in the tower Residence of Beverly Randolph McCreight, this 11 room house occupied a city block in Newton NC Col William McCreight built the Fairfield Co. court house in 1823, designed by Robert Mills Newton North Carolina McCreight house built in 1900 in Camden South Carolina Sion Presbyterian church built in 1809 . Colonel William McCreight was the first elder and served 1799 to 1859 Sion College in Winnsboro, S C, founded 1777.  William McCreight was a founders and president of the Sion College Society. Click on a picture for captions and to enlarge, click again to reduce size Picture courtesy of the Catawba County Library