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Documents Gravestones Edward Oscar McCreight 1849-1905, and Margaret Elizabeth Alexander Edward Oscar McCreight 1849-1905, and Margaret Elizabeth Alexander Beverly Randolph 1886-1973, and Sarah Katherine Sullivan Beverly Randolph McCreight 1886-1973 and Edmund Garrison Beverly Randolph McCreight and children Charles Edward 1913-2010 and Beverly Randolph McCreight Jr. 1911-1955 Beverly Randolph McCreight Jr. 1911-1955 Katherine, Ella, Mary, Sarah McCreight Ella and Mary McCreight, Jean Corbet Dr. Charles Edward McCreight 1913-2010 Minni Katherine McCreight 1921-2010 Sarah Pauline McCreight born 1924 Mary Henry McCreight borm 1927 Beverly Randolph 1911-1955 and William Randolph McCreight born 1934 Margaret Ann McCreight born 1937 Beverly Ethel McCreight 1939-1990 Margaret Ann born 1937 and Beverly Ethel McCreight 1939-1990 John Charles McCreight born 1944 Ethel, Willam and John McCreight at Ethel's wedding in 1956 John Charles McCreight and Janice Taylor at their Wedding in 1963 Click on a picture for captions and to enlarge, click again to reduce size Beverly Randolph McCreight Colonel William McCreight (Albumen Cabinet Protograph) Robert Jackson McCreight (Tintype photograph) Margaret and Ethel McCreight William Randolph McCreight Mary & Ella McCreight, Jean Corbett, 1940 Beverly Randolph McCreight Charles Edward McCreight Ella McCreight Mary Henry Randolph, wife of Robert Jackson McCreight (Tintype)