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Friedrich Wilhelm Schumann, 1846-1915, and wife Hanchen Sophie Elisabeth Kröger Willi Schumann 1911 Willi Schumann, 1884-1915, and wife Elsbeth Anna Magdalena Christiana Koch Willi Schumann sailing to Africa to search for diamonds Willi Schumann in Africa, lower left Willi Schumann in 1915 shortly before, he was killed in the battle of Verdun Albert Koch and wife Hildegard 3rd & 4th from right, at the marriage of Irmgard Schumann and Heinz Lehrbass (front) Hildegard, Albert Koch’s first wife (right) Irmgard Schumamnn, born in Africa in 1911, wife of Heinz Lehrbass Agnes Koch 1920, godmother of Irmgard Schumann Betty, adopted step-daughter of Albert Koch, 1932 Karl-Wilhelm Schumann and fiancée Liselotte Anthes top 1939 Karl-Wilhelm Schumann and fiancée Liselotte Anthes top 1938 Karl-Wilhelm Schumann with cavalary troop in the Ukraine in 1944 Karl-Wilhelm Schumann in France with his dogs Stalin and Roosevelt Click on a picture for captions and to enlarge, click again to reduce size