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Some of these documents are certified copies made in the 1930s and 1940s during the National Socialist Party era (NAZI), This is why they have the NAZI symbol even though the events themselves predate this era. Click on a record for captions and to enlarge, click again to reduce Carol Heinrich Renhold Anthes marriage Certificate 1915 Carl Heinrich Reinhold Anthes Baptismal Certificate 1886  Carl Heinrich Reinhold Anthes Death 1966  Gottfried Anthes Baptism 1752 Anthes Gottfried Birth Certificate 1752 Heinrich Wilhelm Anthes Death Certificate 1857 Heinrich Wilhelm Anthes Marriage Certificate 1847 Johann Adam Anthes  Birth Certificate 1788  Reinhold August Heinrich  Anthes Birth Certificate 1856 Reinhold August Heinrich Anthes  Marriage Certificate 1881 Reinhold Anthes   Death Certificate 1921 Reinhold August Heinrich Anthes Death Certificate 1900 Reinhold August Heinrich Anthes Birth Certificate 1856 Liselotte Meta Mathilda Anthes Birth Certificate 1916  Liselotte Meta Mathilda Anthes Confirmation 1931 Marriage certificate Liselotte Anthes and Karl-Wilhelm Schumann 1939